Trains and Tacos, Kerrville, 1974 – Part 1

By B. Smith

I caught the SP local arriving in Kerrville this morning.  Looks like SP has gotten rid of those unreliable RS-11’s and are now using a GP-9 that was built in 1957.  Most of the SP GP-9’s are being rebuilt to GP-9E’s but 3612 is still as built.

The train stops so the switch can be thrown to line the train into the siding.

On today’s train are six empties for Kerrvillium loading.  Three loads of Kerrvillium are ready to be pulled.  The entire train will back down the siding and couple into the three loads.  Here, Hank, on the rear-end crew, is removing the derail as the train proceeds into the siding.

The train backs into the three loads.

And the loads and caboose are shoved out onto the mainline where they are uncoupled from the empties.

The empties are then spotted on the Kerrvillium loading track. 

With one empty under the loading spout the engine and a load of feed back down the main track to couple into the caboose and loads.  That empty flat on the team track will be next.  Probably brought in a load of lumber for the building supply store here in Kerrville.

The engine eases to a stop and crew starts walking across the street. That means lunch at Larry’s. Hank’s been yacking about tacos since they left San Antonio that morning!

We’ll finish the run after Hank finally gets his tacos.


As many of you know, RailsWest is a collaboration between B. Smith and CE Hunt. CE Hunt is also a writer. To learn about why he writes, click here. Many of his stories at least touch on rail-related items. He can’t help himself! Other frequent topics include the American West, travel, food and drink, New Orleans, France, Spain, Mexico, Tiki bars, who knows what’s next.

Click here to check him out on instagram at @c_e_hunt. He posts a lot on architecture, New Orleans, literature, art, street cars, West Texas and New Mexico, tiki bars, and…

Published by C E Hunt

C E Hunt is a writer and artist based in Louisiana and the Washington, DC area. This page is designed to share updates and commentary on his work and to highlight other works that may be of interest.

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