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Washout Weekend

By B. Smith Once again the daily local had to wait for the arrival of a second train from Marathon.  This time it was a ballast train sent south to work some slow order locations.  With the little 0-6-0 back in service the LCN had two locomotives and could get some deferred maintenance work done.Continue reading “Washout Weekend”

Santa brings the La Linda Canyon Northern a “new” locomotive!

By B. Smith It’s early morning Christmas Eve. The crew wanted to get an early start so they could be home in time to go to Christmas Mass with their families, all but Frank. Frank, being single, is going to head over to the Rusty Spoke, the local cantina for a little Christmas Eve gathering.Continue reading “Santa brings the La Linda Canyon Northern a “new” locomotive!”

The Plug Takes a Breather

By B. Smith The La Linda Canyon Northern’s little orange ALCO switcher, which somehow got the nickname “the plug,” is tired and in need of some mechanical work.  No better place than over on the Presidio and Northern.  That railroad has a diesel mechanic who is an expert with ALCO’s.  The LCN is reported toContinue reading “The Plug Takes a Breather”


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