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Memorial Day Special (Part 3) or “Hey Boy, you want to work for the railroad?”

By B. Smith So here I am in La Linda, not sure how I’ll get back to Marathon, where hopefully my car will have been repaired.  Might as well photograph the LCN local switching.  They brought the entire train out past the stock yard and are now shoving back down the siding.  They picked upContinue reading “Memorial Day Special (Part 3) or “Hey Boy, you want to work for the railroad?””

The Whale!

A whale in La Linda, in the middle of West Texas?? Okay, here’s the story — The water line to the cattle pen in Marathon, Texas rusted out a couple of years ago.  Nobody wanted to foot the bill to lay new pipe all the way out there.  At that time the UP was scrapingContinue reading “The Whale!”


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